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Sep 2010 22

The song “iLL Scalpel” was originally released as a single to the Uncommon Courtesy album but an updated version of the song was made as a separate single and for the making of the video.

The video’s was released May 4th, 2010. The theme of the video is to showcase the punch lines Dirty Mac makes by using visuals that emphasize the songs verses and chours in a ‘literal’ fashion.

“The song was written in a serious tone. The lines were meant to be in a creative subliminal way, but as simple as I could’ve made it. Not until the production team, INF and I started planning for the video that I noticed the lines could be taken literally. Having the visuals I felt would have made the song and video more humorous then its original approach. I wanted the video to stand out by doing simple things then just me standing around rapping out my verses. When you listen to the song, you hear punch lines and a very sexually explicit chorus, but until you see the video, then you interpret the punch lines in the verses in a different light, making the song having a double entendre and making the song stand out a lot more for a guy with a debut video then of just some rapper standing in the frame of the camera rapping to his/her song. The video gave the song more meaning then it originally had.”

The video’s scenes were located in three different areas, a rooftop overlooking downtown Bethlehem PA, a gutted abandoned room (which was the lower level of the same building where the rooftop shots were located), and a filming studio located on the campus of DeSales University. Some of the scenes featuring extras, dancers and props were shown to emphasize in the ‘literal’ sense of some lines in the song.(Ex. A man dressed in hospital scrubs looking at documents –“When I started “gellin’” with Dr. Scholl’s).

Dirty Mac states that Brooklyn N.Y native Vast Aire, of the underground duo Cannibal Ox, influenced him the most when it comes to the songs style. “I remember listening to Vast, not remembering which song it was, but when I heard him rap, I felt some of his punch lines were so easy to understand that they weren’t thought to have been said before by any rapper. I took an approach when making the song to stay away from rapping with a concept or anything you have to think about for a long time, since the album had a good amount of concepts and guest features to make a song only by creating punch lines that were said over the top, but were ridiculously easy to understand. “

“Some punch lines might not connect with others, but the songs message from the verses and chorus were all made for shock value. There’s really no ‘special’ point of the song, it is to tell you how dope I am as a rapper. I made a video for it, because it was one of the songs from Uncommon Courtesy that you’d probably remember the most based off of the hook and the simplicity of the verses.”

“Making a updated version of it was for video purposes only and I thought the original version wasn’t as well filled in to make a video for. I said to myself if I wanted to release ‘iLL Scalpel’ as the ONLY single from my first full-length album, I am going to make a better version of it. Same lyrics as the original, just better quality.”

Director: Anthony Infantino
Editor: Joe Maziarski
Choreography: Marianne Delehanty

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